Release Notes

  • Facebook: Carousel posts with video card support
  • Facebook: Video thumbnail generation for video & carousel with video post types
  • Facebook: Bulk video post creation for A|B testing with multiple videos and thumbnails
  • Custom Metrics: Ability to create custom metrics by combining standard metrics
  • Custom Metrics: Report on custom metrics within AR 
  • Custom Metrics: Automated campaign management using custom metrics (Rules Engine)
  • Facebook: Fixed issues when reporting on and creating custom pixel conversions
  • Facebook: Ability to add/remove end cards from carousel posts
  • Facebook: Redesign of post creation with single or multiple image (or videos) options within the post
  • Facebook: Redesign of post creation to automatically create Instagram eligible posts including preview layout
  • Facebook: Reporting - Targeting summary updates to use the new preview and slide-out designs
  • Facebook: deprecated status post type
  • Facebook: Published (or organic) post creation was removed
  • Yahoo: Added device targeting
  • Yahoo: Improved click boundaries for placement selection
  • Pinterest: Billing groups not displaying in some instances
  • Pinterest: Pixels not displaying properly


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