Creating Custom Metrics

A fixed menu of campaign metrics is now a thing of the past! With custom metrics, you can:


Who is it for?

Custom metrics can be beneficial for any client who is interested in KPIs based on formulated metrics, beyond the existing metrics available in the standard reporting.


What are the benefits?

Build metrics that are relevant to the advertiser: Using custom metrics on the AdParlor platform, ensures that advertiser’s campaigns are optimized based on KPIs that matter (a feature not available on publisher platforms).

Compare cross platform (apples to apples): With AdParlor as a marketing partner for all major social platforms, you can create the desired custom metrics on each publisher, and compare metric performance across the board with AdParlor.

Automated Campaign Management: Custom metrics will be available within our automated reporting as well as our rules engine, allowing you to automate operations such activating/pausing campaigns and increasing/decreasing budgets and bids.

Efficient, Accurate, Up-to-Date: Save time on manually calculating metrics on exported reports. Minimize the possibility of manual calculation errors.


Creating new custom metrics

1) Navigate to Library > Custom Metrics

2) Existing custom metrics are displayed

3) Click 'New Metric'

4) Select the publisher to create the custom metric under

5) Build a formula using metrics available for the publisher. Formulas follow BODMAS or BEDMAS rules

6) Give the metric a column label and description

7) Specify the preferred numerical format

8) Select a sample campaign and date range to validate your formual

9) Click 'Save'.



Using custom metrics

1)  Saved custom metrics will be available from the Advanced Reporting tool under the drop down 'Custom Metrics'.

2) Select the metrics that you want to see within the report. Drag and drop the metrics on the right hand side in order to reorder the columns on the report

3) Click "Generate in Current Tab"


You also have the option of using custom metrics from the Rules Engine for automating campaign management. Your custom metrics can be selected from the 'Choose property' drop down:



Commonly Used Custom Metrics

- Scores, Indexes and Performance Indicators to measure marketing/advertising goals:



- Secondary & Tertiary goal measurement using general metrics and custom data passed to certain Publishers (FB):



-ROI, Funnel Measurement, & LTV calculations using conversion and engagement data:



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