How do I create a Twitter Pre-Roll campaign?

TL;DR (Cheat Sheet)


What you need to know


Twitter ad account must be whitelisted for pre-roll access


Campaign Objective: “Pre-Roll Video Views”

Primary Goal: “Video Views (MRC)” or “Video Views (TW)”


IAB Content Category (Inclusion/Exclusion)

Content Publisher User (Exclusion)

(and additional demographic filtering)


CPV bidding

Choose video view definition: MRC or Twitter


Upload video directly to Twitter or use VAST tags

No length restrictions except max 10mins

Skippability: <6s nonskippable, =>7s skippable immediately


Optional CTA and destination URL


Group by: IAB Content Category (inclusion)

Metrics: video views (MRC), video views (TW), 25-50-75-100% view through, CTA clicks, content starts


Account Prerequisites

Advertiser must have:

  • Twitter ad account (US)
  • Valid funding source set up on ad account
  • Account must be whitelisted for pre-roll access

For assistance with whitelisting, contact your Twitter account rep directly, or reach out to AdParlor Support for more info. 


Campaign Creation

1. Launch the Twitter ACT by using the shortcut as shown:
2. Create a new Twitter campaign
3. Select campaign objective type (NEW): “Pre-Roll Video Views” [Note: Ad accounts must be whitelisted for Pre-Roll access]

4. Select the appropriate Primary Goal definition (NEW):

  • Video Views (MRC)
  • Video Views (TW)

Note: There are now two different definitions of “Video View” on Twitter that can be reported on:

  • MRC standard: 50% in view for 2s (default*)
  • Twitter: 100% of video in view for 3s, or click to play

5. Complete the rest of the fields as required


Ad Group Creation

Twitter Pre-Roll campaigns have a unique set of targeting — new content-focused targeting options (IAB Category and Content Publisher Handle) have been added, while audience filtering has been limited to key demographic and device options. 

Content Targeting (NEW)

  • IAB Content Category (Inclusion/Exclusion) 
  • Content Publisher Handles (Exclusion) 

Audience Filtering 

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Device
  • Platform
  • Carrier

Content Targeting

When content publishers upload their videos to Twitter, they indicate which IAB Categories that content belongs to. Categories are organized into parent categories (e.g., IAB1 Arts & Entertainment) and sub-categories (e.g., IAB1-4 Humor).

Advertisers can target content uploaded under such IAB Content Categories via:

  • Inclusion targeting
  • Exclusion targeting (blacklist)

You can browse through the content category hierarchy, or search for categories as shown:

Handle exclusion (blacklisting) prevents your ads from running in front of content published by that particular user. Note: you cannot inclusion-target specific handles. 

Simply search for the handles as shown:

Targeting Groups

You can split on inclusion-targeted IAB Categories (and all other demographic filters, as per usual behaviour):

Ad Group Creation — Billing

Choose which definition* of “video view” you want to pay for (all ads are charged on a CPV basis.):

  • MRC (default)
  • Twitter

Regardless of your selection here, you will be able to report on views as attributed by either the MRC or Twitter definitions. 




Pre-roll creative assets are NOT the same as Promoted Video Tweets, or Video Cards. Creatives are standalone videos.

Things to note:

  • Videos that are 6 seconds or less in length are NOT skippable
  • Videos that are 7 seconds or longer in length are IMMEDIATELY skippable (from t=0s)
  • No minimum length, max length 10 mins
  • Optional CTA (click through to destination URL)

Videos can be uploaded to Twitter via the AdParlor platform, or you can specify a VAST tag instead.

Videos Uploaded to Twitter

1. Click on Add Pre-Roll Video
2. Upload video to media library using filepicker
3. Click video to select it
4. Video will be converted into a pre-roll asse/


  • File Type: MP4 or MOV
  • File Size: No limit, but recommended under 1GB 
  • Max Length: 10 mins


  • Video Codec Recommendation: h264, baseline, main or high profile with a 4:2:0 color space.
  • Frame Rate Recommendation: 29.97fps or 30fps. Higher is acceptable. If the available video has a lower frame rate don't try to "upsample" it.
  • Video Bitrate Recommendation: 6,000k - 10,000k (recommended 6,000k) for 1080p. 5,000k - 8,000k (recommended 5,000k) for 720p.
  • Audio Codec Recommendation: AAC LC (Low complexity)

VAST Videos

VAST tags (Video Ad Serving Template) enable advertisers to host their pre-roll videos on an external ad server (i.e. not uploading them to Twitter). The ad server domain must be whitelisted for use in Twitter pre-roll campaigns.

Currently whitelisted domains as follows (contact AdParlor Support if you need additional domains whitelisted):


Whitelisted Domain









1. To implement, click on Add VAST Video
2. Insert the whitelisted VAST request URL 
3. Verify that the preview correctly displays the video
4. Click Import to proceed

For full creative specs, refer to our Pre-Roll VAST guide.

For information about integrating MOAT & Nielsen measurement solutions for Twitter pre-roll, reach out to AdParlor Support for more info.


Ad Upload (Creative + Targeting)

Assign the appropriate creative groups to upload into each ad group generated. Optionally select a CTA and destination URL to drive the user to:

CTAs appear during the pre-roll playback as a popup button:

Note: CTAs are set at the ad group level (one per ad group) such that all videos uploaded to that ad group will have the same CTA.



You can report on pre-roll campaigns from the Actionable Reporting screen as with any other Twitter campaign.

Group by IAB Categories (inclusion targeted):

Available metrics are:

  • Total Video Views (MRC)
  • Total Video Views (TW)
  • Video Views 25%
  • Video Views 50%
  • Video Views 75%
  • Video Views 100%
  • Video CTA Clicks
  • Video Content Starts


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