Release Notes

  • Dashboard: Cross publisher reporting - Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
  • Dashboard: Cross publisher visual reporting of Spend, Impressions (CPM), Engagements (CPE), Conversions (CPA)
  • Dashboard: Top Campaign & Top Image cross publisher reporting
  • Dashboard: Robust filtering support - Campaigns/Objectice, Date Range, Publishers
  • Dashboard: Cross publisher placement reporting
  • Dashboard: Advertiser Spend & Pacing support
  • Facebook Pixel: Ability to choose events within Primary Goal
  • Facebook Pixel: Ability to optimize for conversion events
  • Facebook Pixel: Ads - Additional Tracking support for pixels
  • Facebook Pixel: Create/edit Facebook Pixel within Tracking Pixels interface
  • Facebook Pixel: Reporting on Pixel event activity within Tracking Pixels interface
  • Facebook Pixel: Ability to create URL/Event based custom conversions
  • Ability to access left navigation during Ad Creation (ACT)
  • Improved left navigation based on key features
  • Performance Improvements: Improved initialization of Ad Creation Tool (ACT) to speed up load time of ACT
  • Performance Improvements: Refactoring of the tabbed views within AR


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