How do I link my Yahoo Gemini account to AdParlor?

To create and manage campaigns from your Yahoo Gemini account, first you will need to link it to an Advertiser in the AdParlor Platform. To do this, you need:

  • A valid Yahoo Gemini ad account that has been whitelisted* for API access 
  • A user configured for that ad account with Admin or Campaign Manager access 
  • An Advertiser that has Yahoo capabilities enabled 
  • A user configured for the AdParlor Advertiser with access to manage Yahoo campaigns 

*Contact Nitin Mamillapally for more information on the whitelisting process.


Configuring Yahoo Gemini User Permissions

Yahoo Gemini uses a two-tier hierarchy for accounts (similar to Facebook):

  • Yahoo Gemini account that houses all the ad accounts
  • Ad accounts that house all billing, campaigns, and user configurations

To configure the correct access permissions, first navigate to:

For the account that you wish to link, make sure your user is correctly configured with either Admin or Campaign Manager access (you will need to do this for every ad account that you wish to connect to AdParlor):


Connecting your Yahoo Gemini Account to AdParlor 

Log in to the AdParlor platform as a user that has access to the correct Advertiser entity. 

Navigate to the Social Accounts tab for the Advertiser you wish to link your Yahoo Gemini ad account to. 

Click on "Connect Yahoo Account":

You will be prompted to log in to your Yahoo account — ensure that you log in as the user that has Admin or Campaign Manager access permissions enabled for the account you want to link.

Click "Agree" to enable AdParlor access to your ad account.

Select the ad accounts you wish to connect to AdParlor from the list as shown:

Once your accounts have been linked, you can optionally choose to import any existing campaigns from your ad accounts into AdParlor (or skip this step — campaigns can be imported on an ad hoc basis later on):

For more on importing campaigns, click here.



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