How do I create a new tracking pixel?

To create a new tracking pixel for Yahoo Gemini, you may have to follow the steps below


  1. Navigate to Measure > Tracking Pixels
  2. Click "+ New Tracking Pixel" on the top right
  3. Input the following information
  • Social Network: Select "Yahoo" as the social network this pixel belongs to
  • Yahoo Account: Tracking Pixels are stored on your Yahoo account, so if you have multiple linked to your Advertiser, ensure you have selected the correct account.
  • Pixel Name: The name of your new tracking pixel. This name is also set on Yahoo
  • Notes: Additional information about this pixel





Once the above information is entered, Click "Save" and you should be navigated to "Configure Conversion Pixel Code". Here you will have the ability to download the pixel code by clicking Download Code and selecting one of the 4 types of pixels available - 

  • Javascript HTTP
  • Javascript HTTPS
  • Image HTTP
  • Image HTTPS



Additional information regarding Managing Pixels and Conversion Rules can be found here.





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