Getting Started via Pinterest

Creating a Pinterest Account via

  • Log onto
  • Use a company-friendly username and password for other users to join

  • Input your Name, Age & Gender

  • Input 5 topics to follow via Pinterest (default for all accounts – we recommend searching for Social Media). Then, you’re done!

Creating a Pinterest Ad-Account via

  • Log on to your Pinterest account
  • Go to
  • Select “Get a business account”

  • Input the Business Name, Type and Website for your Business and select CONVERT
  • Once the account is converted, go back to
  • You should see a Welcome to Pinterest Ads! Disclaimer where you will input your location. Then, you’re done!


MDP Advertiser Activation Portal
In order for an advertiser to start launching campaigns via the AdParlor API they must first accept the Advertiser Pinterest Promoted Pins terms, provide billing information, and have their Pinterest Account activated for use via your platform and the API.
Steps required to complete this action can be found here.



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