Release Notes

  • Dynamic Product Ads (DPA): FB Business Manager Updates to support product catalogs
  • DPA: Ability to create & view product sets within catalogs
  • DPA: Ability to create product audiences
  • DPA: Ability to create product catalog sales campaigns
  • DPA: Facebook, Instagram & Audience Network support
  • DPA: Audiences updates to support product audiences
  • DPA: Ad Set upload updates including offsite conversion event selection
  • DPA: Creation of dynamic post templates for product ads
  • DPA: Creative groups support for dynamic post templates
  • DPA: Ad upload updates including automatically selecting additional tracking
  • DPA: Saved Lists support for product audience
  • DPA: AR reporting updates to support product catalogs and product sets
  • Add CPM column to the default 'Manage Campaign' AR report
  • Unable to delete advertiser


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