What is Event Targeting?

The Problem Facing Advertisers

Twitter’s user base may be smaller than its social media rivals, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in explosiveness — especially around live events. Whether it’s users fervently debating an election, sharing their experiences at Tomorrowland, or celebrating Mother’s Day, if it’s happening in the world, it’s being talked about on Twitter. This is prime time for advertisers to reach users — in their most engaged states.

So what’s the problem?

  • Extensive research and data analysis is required to identify key trends and targeting criteria from millions of Tweets and user profiles
  • The complex targeting profiles are time consuming to set up, leading to:
  • not enough reach
  • reaching the wrong users
  • being too slow — missing the window when user are most engaged

Knowing how to reach the right people, at the right time, with the right content is an ever-present challenge for advertisers — and it’s especially difficult in the ever-volatile Twitter ecosystem.



Event targeting enables advertisers to reach users who are engaging with content surrounding live events on Twitter with prebuilt targeting profiles. These targeting profiles are created by Twitter using data collected from those same events in previous years.

Key Benefits

  • Save time — one-click event targeting profile selection
  • Save effort — hard work has been done for you
  • Reach the right users — Twitter knows best (they have the most data)
  • Customizable — layer on additional targeting
  • Insights before they launch — top performing creative, demographic composition, reach estimates

How do I create a campaign with event targeting?

Event Targeting is specified in the targeting step of the Twitter ACT. The “Events” section appears between Mobile Devices, and Tailored Audiences.

It is available for all objectives, all placements, and is compatible with all other additional targeting that can be layered on (e.g., device, gender, location).

There are two types of event targeting:

  • Events
  • Trends

Use “Include All” to select events grouped by category, or “Include” to select individual events:

You can also search for an event name:

Or browse for events by category:

Additionally, you can filter by:

  • Location (country)
  • Start Date

Selected Events appear in the Targeting Summary on the right hand side. You can remove individual events by clicking the ‘x’ next to each row, or you can clear all events by using “Clear All” above the table. Since only one event can be targeted per ad group or line item, separate target groups are automatically created for each event.

Event names appear automatically in the target group name — these target groups can be edited, saved, or removed as usual.


How do I report on a campaign with event targeting?

In Advanced Reporting, you can perform a group by "Event" as shown to see a break down of your results by the event targeted.

In Segmentation Reporting, you can select Event as the break down option.


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