Release Notes - August 2016

New Features, Enhancements and Fixes

Since the launch of the new Ad Mockup Generator, we have received a ton of great feedback from our users. Below is a list of the new features, enhancements and bug fixes that we've made to make the tool even more useful for all users:

  • Pinterest ads: Create Promoted Pins, and Rich Pins (Movie, Article, Place, Product & Recipe) and view them across board (in-feed) and expanded (full-screen) placements.
  • Rich Pin Codes: In addition to creating standard mockups, users will also be able to generate Rich Pin codes to which advertisers can place on their website.
  • Big Picture Preview: See all of your mockup placements at a glance before downloading.
  • Image scaling across all publishers: Upload images of any size and mockups with scale accordingly.
  • Facebook Page Like ads: Available in video + photo format, in Mobile + Newsfeed and Right-hand Side.
  • Facebook Reactions: Users can now select Facebook reactions to include in their mockups as well as the reaction count.
  • Likes, comments, shares: Choose how many comments, likes tweets, retweets, shares pins, and more across all publisher ad types.
  • Coloured Links and Hash Tags: Simply write URL strings or hashtags and they will automatically turn the appropriate publisher link color.
  • More Accurate Image Downloads: We have tweaked our algorithms and techniques for generating images and the result is a much more accurate representation of each ad unit.
  • Instagram Styles: Instagram ad units now use the most up-to-date styles found in the current iteration of the app.
  • Twitter styles: Twitter ads will now properly display tweets, retweets, shares and the promoted badge to look more accurate.
  • Download Status Indicator: Moved this to the top of the page and always viewable even if users close the download prompt. It will also let users know if multiple downloads are being prepared.
  • Upgraded ad specs: In-line recommended ad specs with validation across more field inputs.
  • Improved flow for saving profile names / images: Moved the save button into the input field to make functionality more apparent.
  • Twitter Lead Gen User Bindings: Create a custom user profile which makes the mockup look more legitimate.
  • Related Articles: Each publisher section now contains contextually relevant messages with links to related publisher articles hand-picked from the AdParlor blog.
  • Instagram rendering issues
  • AdParlor logo now spins correctly when a download is being prepared
  • Removed non-functioning carousel cards
  • Facebook Video posts now appear more accurate across ad types
  • Facebook Link post Carousel Right-hand-side download formatting
  • Left navigation no longer has overset text issues.
  • The "clear all" all function has been cleaned up to account for all input types.
  • Advertiser profiles now have the ability to clear out independently.

Check out the new updates today at


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