How do I customize my dashboard?

The dashboard view can be customized using the global dashboard settings toolbar. Your customization options include:

  • Campaigns (all, specific campaigns, or campaigns by objective)
  • Date range of data
  • Include AdParlor fee in metrics
  • Publishers (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or combined)


Campaign Selection

The Campaign selection dropdown includes all campaigns associated with the ad accounts linked to your Advertiser — including deleted campaigns.

By default, if there are no campaigns explicitly selected, then the dashboard will show data for all campaigns. This is the same as using the "Select All" function when no search criteria is used. 

You can search for the campaigns you want to include in your dashboard view. The search terms will match on the campaign objective or the campaign name. Using "Select All" combined with a search will select only campaigns which are returned by the search.

Selecting the checkbox next to the campaign objective header will select all campaigns for that section.


Date Range

The date range selection determines the time frame that data is returned for. It does not account for campaign flight dates. 

Choose from many options, including:

  • Moving look-back window based on number of days (with option to exclude today's data for completeness)
  • Look-back windows based on calendar options (week, month)
  • All time data
  • Custom date range

Include AdParlor Fee

AdParlor's pricing is done as a percentage of media spend — if you want to understand the true cost of your ads (media spend + platform fee), toggle to include the AdParlor fee for any spend-derived metrics (spend, CPM, CPE, CPA, etc.) in the dashboard view. 



Use the publisher selection switches to toggle to include their data in the dashboard. You can enable any combination of them, presented as separate data points (e.g., Facebook and Twitter data only), or choose to combine your data to view aggregated metrics across all the enabled publishers.


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