How do I view performance trends over time?

Understanding how campaign performance changes over time, and being able to recognize patterns is a critical part of the optimization process. The Advertiser Overview on the dashboard provides an easy visualization tool to help you understand if you're on track to meet your goals.


Choosing your Data

The data presented in the Advertiser Overview is determined by the global dashboard settings.

All metrics are presented in the Advertiser-level currency (this should match your ad account currency). 


Choosing your Performance Metrics

You can simply toggle between the different performance metric categories as shown:

  • Spend
  • Impressions (and CPM)
  • Engagements (and CPE)
  • Conversions (and CPA)

Pro tip: Use the "Combine" option to view your average metrics across all publishers.  

Average metrics are presented in the right hand legend for each platform. The derived metrics (CPM, CPE, and CPA) are calculated by determining the total number of actions / total spend.

Individual metrics can be viewed by hovering over the bar for that time point as shown:

You can also adjust your resolution by toggling between Daily, Weekly, and Monthly trends as shown:


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