Tips for Common Delivery Issues

Below are some delivery issues that social media ad traffickers commonly face. Each scenario will take you through a checklist to:

- confirm your campaign is set up properly
- confirm your AdParlor dashboard settings are correct
- suggest optimization tips to get your delivery back on track

Run through the checklist and if the delivery issue still persists, please contact your Technical Account Manager.


No delivery?

 Campaign/Ad Set flight dates

Be sure you have set appropriate flight dates at both the Campaign level and the Ad Set level.


 Status: Active

Check the Status and Delivery columns to be sure the Campaign, Ad Sets, and Ads are active at each level. If you see ‘Not Delivering’, hover over the text to see the reasoning.

For example:

“Page Like Campaign” is not delivering because it is scheduled for a future flight date:


 Date filter

Check your date filter to be sure you are looking at the correct date range corresponding to your campaign's flight dates.



If you are satisfied with your targeting and creative, there may be a chance that your bids are too low. Facebook looks at historical data when deciding which ads to increase delivery on. It’s a great strategy to start your launch with boosted bids, get some delivery data built up, and then reduce bids down to your target.

We frequently recommend boosting bids as much as 150% above the max Facebook suggested bid. Review the Facebook suggested bid through Actions > Targeting Summary at the ad set level:



Low delivery/Unfulfilled budgets?


Are you targeting the right users for your product? Review the Targeting Summary on each ad set to confirm your are targeting a relevant audience.

Are your ad sets targeting a large enough audience? An ad set with a very narrow reach may require a higher bid. If feasible, try to reach a minimum of 100k-200k users in a single ad set. If you have split your audience into multiple ad sets with very small reaches separately, try combining them together into a single, broader target group.

Do you have any overlapping targeting? If your ad sets have overlapping targeting, you may end up not only over-saturating your audience, but you'll also be competing against yourself. Make use of exclusion targeting where necessary, for example - if you are targeting several different tiers of Lookalike %s, be sure to exclude the lower %s as you move up the tiers.




Users may not be responding well to your creative. Try A/B testing many different creative combinations. Facebook will recognize the top performer and will increase delivery on that particular creative combination.



If you are satisfied with everything else, you may need to increase bids to encourage more delivery.


Delivery was once good, but now it’s slowing down?


If users have seen the same ad too many times, they may stop responding as they once did. Check the Frequency metric to see the average number of times each user has seen your ad.



If you’ve been delivering to the same target group for some time now, you may want to try new users. Explore new Interest categories, expand Lookalike Audiences, get creative with the Additional Demographics category.



You may want to try refreshing your creative with more up to date content.



Market conditions are always changing. More competition may have entered the market, causing your target audience to become more expensive. You may need to raise bids.


Data on AdParlor does not match Facebook?

 Date filter

Be sure you are looking at the same date ranges when comparing data between both platforms.


 Status filter

Be sure you are filtering by the same status on both platforms so that you aren’t including data from paused/deleted items.


 Attribution Window

We’ve followed Facebook’s default attribution window of 1-day view/28-day click in our reporting dashboard. If you’ve created a campaign with a custom attribution window that differs from the default, you will need to make the change in the AdParlor reporting dashboard to match. Do so from the Advanced Report section here:


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