Release Notes

  • Website conversions campaigns support for Instagram
  • Added the charge date field at the business level
  • Display "Auto" as the bid amount for AdSets with auto bidding
  • Added the newest Android/iOS platform versions
  • Removes likes/share columns from existing posts modal
  • Targeting list name limited to 100 characters
  • Platform version selection disappears after selecting specific mobile devices
  • Unpublished/Published filters not working in existing post modal
  • Bulk deleting does not work in AR
  • Bid amount displayed incorrectly in our platform
  • Rule sets are not showing up on rule set editor
  • Missing segmentation metrics in data reports
  • Incorrect AdSet & Ad delivery status
  • Spend caps do not denote the correct currency in spend caps interface
  • Discrepancies in reach estimate between AdParlor and power editor
  • Cannot append custom link headline without adding a CTA on mobile carousel ad unit
  • Campaign management view disappears after bulk deleting campaigns
  • No ads to preview displayed on AdSets with Ads
  • Reach & Frequency buying option disabled for an account with reach and frequency buying capability


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