How to set appropriate user permissions

Before linking your ad accounts to AdParlor, it is important to know that all permissions are set at the user level. AdParlor simply copies the permissions over from the user that links the ad account to AdParlor or most recently re-authenticates the link. 

Before Linking to AdParlor

The user performing the linking needs to ensure they are logged into a Facebook account that has been granted proper Page & Ad Account access in Business Manager.

Confirming Page Permissions (when you own the page)

If your company owns the Facebook page, you'll want to confirm you, as an individual user, have the proper access to create and manage ads on the page.

Confirm with an Admin on the Business Manager that you are showing here.. (if you are not, have them add you with the "Add People" button.):


You will need at least Page Advertiser access: 


Requesting Page Permissions (when your client owns the page)

If your client owns the Facebook page, you will need to request access in order to create and manage ads on the page.

From the Pages tab, click "Add New Page":


Select "Request access to a Page":


Search for the page name or paste the Facebook page URL in the search box and select, at least, Page Advertiser:

Notify your client that they have a pending request.


Ad Account Permissions

Confirm you have the correct Ad Account permissions:


You will need at least the Ad Account Advertiser role:


App Permissions

If you will be promoting a Facebook App, confirm the Ad Account is assigned to the app:

Granting your Technical Account Manager access to your Ad Account

To ensure your dedicated AdParlor Technical Account Manager can assist you in a timely and accurate manner, we ask that you add them to your Business Manager as an Advertiser. This will give them access to view your ad account directly on Facebook, which will help with trouble shooting your questions and will ultimately ensure the quickest response. 

First, add your TAM to your Business Manager as a "New Person":


Enter your TAMs email address and select “Add as Business Manager Employee”:


Select "Assign Assets":


Select "Ad Accounts":


Search for the Ad Account and grant at least the Ad Account Advertiser role:


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