Launching Instagram Ads with AdParlor

Why advertise on Instagram?

With its focus on beautiful, captivating imagery, Instagram provides advertisers a unique opportunity to show a different side of their business through a more intimate, storytelling approach, thus enabling them to really engage with and resonate with their user base. This fresh approach, coupled with the precision targeting enabled by Facebook's extensive user knowledge base, is a great opportunity for advertisers to truly make an impact. 

At this time, Instagram Ads are still in a limited beta to a subset of advertisers. This will be expanding over the coming months - stay tuned!


Who can advertise on Instagram?

To get started with Instagram Ads, you will need the following:

  • Instagram Account (sign up here)
  • Facebook Ad Account (sign up here)
  • Business Manager Account (sign up here)

Refer to our Instagram Account Guide for more info on managing your accounts. 


Launching Instagram Ads with AdParlor

Currently, Instagram is simply an additional placement under the traditional Facebook advertising structure, that uses a slightly different creative unit - we expect this to change in the future as Instagram's advertising capabilities are developed and differentiate from Facebook's. As it stands, the current Instagram upload process is the same as for regular Facebook campaigns, with a few minor adjustments as outlined below. Read more about Facebook uploads here

Instagram placements are available for the following campaign objectives:

  • Website clicks
  • Mobile app installs
  • Video views (API-exclusive)


Simply select Instagram Newsfeed as a placement option when generating your targeting. Then choose your additional targeting criteria (e.g., location, gender, interests).

If you want to A/B test Instagram vs. Facebook placements, click on the split toggle to separate into different Ad Sets as shown above. You can do this for any of the targeting parameters that show the split icon. 

For greater reach, you can also choose to target both Instagram and Facebook placements in the same Ad Set (an API-exclusive option). 


Simply select the "Instagram Compatible" checkbox and choose the Instagram account you wish to use. You can generate both Facebook and Instagram posts in bulk. Currently, you can generate both link (photo) and video creatives; however, carousel creative is not yet available via the API (we'll add this as soon as it becomes available!). 

Creative guidelines at a glance:

  • Images must be 600x600 px in size at minimum - this will be automatically cropped for Facebook compatibility. We strongly recommend using images of at least 1200x1200 px for this reason.
  • Videos must also be at least 600x600 px in size with 1x1 aspect ratio, with minimum length of 2.5 seconds and maximum length of 15 seconds. Video ads require a thumbnail to be specified, which follow the same specs as for images. 

For full creative requirements, please refer to the Facebook Developer Documentation.

Make use of the API-exclusive ability to generate creative that can be used across both Facebook and Instagram-targeted Ad Sets in one go - no repetition required!

Preview how your creatives will look in each placement (e.g., Instagram, Mobile Newsfeed, and Desktop Newsfeed as shown below) before you create them.

Use the bulk uploader to create all of these at once to save time and effort. 

Upload Assignment

Pair your creative and targeting together to bulk upload your Instagram-compatible creative into your Instagram-enabled Ad Sets. You can do this alongside your usual Facebook uploads, or keep it Instagram-only. Hit "Create Ads" when you're ready to launch and your Ads will be uploaded right away. 

Note: The Instagram icon indicates that the targeting group/creative group contains Instagram-compatible items.

  • Instagram-only placement Ad Sets can only accept Instagram-compatible creative (look for the icon)
  • Mixed placement Ad Sets (e.g., Instagram + Facebook) can only accept Instagram-compatible creative
  • Facebook only placement Ad Sets can accept all creative

Now what? Next steps...

Now that you've got your Instagram Ads up and running, you can leverage our powerful Actionable Reporting tools to analyze and optimize your Instagram Ads. Some simple examples:

Compare performance by placement (e.g., Instagram vs. Facebook). 

Compare the performance of individual images across both Facebook and Instagram.

AdParlor is here to make it easy for you to launch, learn, and optimize to drive your success on Instagram. 


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