Release Notes

  • Ability to use custom static macros for Facebook ad set and ads
  • Ability to view and copy targeting groups across advertisers in libraries
  • Ability to set daily, monthly or custom advertiser spend caps
  • Ability to bulk copy ad sets to a different campaign
  • Ability to retry all failed ad sets or ads, instead of having to retry one at a time
  • Updating advertiser logo has moved to "edit advertiser" page
  • Unknown error when trying to retrieve ad relevance scores
  • Missing columns within a downloaded excel or csv report
  • Unable to upload Twitter audiences
  • Suggested bid values entered incorrectly upon selection
  • Error when assigning bids with decimal numbers
  • Unable to retrieve audiences page
  • Not setting up a CTA on a carousel ad returns an error
  • Error when creating lookalikes using adset conversion option


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