How do I bulk clone Ad Sets?

Why clone an Ad Set?

If you have an Ad Set that has performed really well, you may want to reuse it again on a future Campaign. Now you can easily bulk copy Ad Sets from one Campaign to another, eliminating the need to go through the entire creation process again.


How to bulk clone Ad Sets?

Simply select your Ad Sets and click 'Copy to Campaign' from the Bulk Actions drop down:

Next, select the Campaign you want to copy to, enter the new flight dates, and hit Save:


What is copied over?

On the Ad Set level, everything but the old Flight Dates are copied over. This includes:

- Ad Set Name

- Targeting

- Delivery Pacing

- Budgets

- Optimization and Bidding

It's best practice to keep your content and creatives fresh and up to date, so we are not currently copying ads over with this cloning feature.


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