How do I set advertiser-level spend caps?

Got a total client budget but don't want to worry about having to manage individual budgets for your campaigns and ad sets? Our Advertiser-level spend caps can help give you peace of mind.

Setting Advertiser-Level Spend Caps

These spend caps are applied to all campaigns, across all the accounts linked to your Advertiser, for that particular publisher (Facebook + Instagram, or Twitter). Note that Facebook and Instagram spends are combined for these purposes as campaigns can have mixed placements across the two channels. 

1. Navigate to your Advertiser Dashboard page.

In the top row, you should see your current Advertiser-level daily and monthly spends for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If spend caps have already been set, you should additionally see a progress icon indicating the percentage of total budget cap spent. 

2. To edit your spend caps, click on the gear icon for that publisher as shown. 

3. Choose the type(s) of spend cap you want to set - this can be daily, monthly, for a custom date range - and which metric the spend cap should be calculated using - either media spend or media spend + fee (AdParlor). 

You can specify a custom date range to apply your spend cap over by simply selecting the start and end date as shown:

4. Input your Advertiser level spend caps and hit 'Save'.

5. You can view, edit and remove these at any time. 


Important Notes

Timezones: All times are specified in your ad account's timezone. If your advertiser has multiple accounts linked, calculations are performed based on the earliest timezone e.g., if you have PST and EST account linked, the 24 hour period for a daily spend cap begins at 12:00am EST.

Once the spend for that time period (daily, monthly, or custom) reaches the spend cap amount, the platform automatically pauses all campaigns for that advertiser on the platform (Facebook/Instagram, or Twitter) until the next time period begins: 

  • Daily - automatically resets every day at midnight
  • Monthly - automatically resets at the end of every month at midnight
  • Custom date range - does not reset automatically

When spend cap is hit, if you want to re-activate your campaigns before the beginning of the next time period, you will have to manually remove the cap or increase the cap limit.

Overspending: These are soft caps - as we sync data with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter regularly at approximately 15-minute intervals, some small overspending may occur during these update windows. To completely safeguard against any overspending altogether, we recommend using more granular budget controls (e.g., ad set budget).


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