New Bid Optimization and Billing Event Fields

AdParlor has updated the UI in response to Facebook’s new optimization simplification changes, announced in the Marketing API v2.4 update. These changes remove the old bid types (CPC, CPM, oCPM and CPA) and replace them with two separate bidding fields, allowing you to decide for yourself exactly what you want to optimize for and what you want to  pay for.

While these changes put more control in your hands, Facebook’s delivery algorithms haven’t changed.  In fact, you can still replicate the old bid types by selecting the following:

Old Bid Types

New Bid Fields


"Bid Optimization" = Link Clicks
"Billing Event" = Link Clicks


"Bid Optimization" = Impressions
"Billing Event" = Impressions


"Bid Optimization" = Campaign Objective eg. Page Like
"Billing Event" = Impressions


"Bid Optimization" = Campaign Objective eg. Link Clicks
"Billing Event" = Campaign Objective eg. Link Clicks


How to Set Bids Going Forward

Going forward, when creating new Ad Sets, you will specify your Bid Optimization and your Billing Event here:

Your Bid Optimization will default to your Campaign Objective (recommended), but you will still have the option to change it upon creating a new Ad Set or by editing an existing Ad Set:

This new approach will clarify the way we think about bidding, optimization, and billing. With the most recent CPC update, it is no doubt that this is an ever-changing industry -- Simplification where ever possible is welcomed with open arms!


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