Release Notes

  • Report Builder: Ability to generate and save Segmentation reports for Twitter & Facebook
  • Report Builder: Scheduling of Segmentation reports for email delivery
  • Report Builder: Export to XLS/CSV of Segmentation reports
  • Link Clicks/Website Conversions optimization for Twitter Website Clicks or Conversions objective
  • CPAC, CPI & Optimized Action bidding (oCPAC) bidding for Twitter App Install campaigns
  • Target Bidding for Twitter Website Clicks and Lead Generation campaigns 
  • Allow ability to copy campaign settings in order to quickly create a new one
  • Limit Creative groups to 50 posts similar to Facebook's 50 posts per the AdSet limitation
  • Bulk Edit menu updates: Display actions based on the Ad entity level observed within AR. Actions for other Ad Entity levels will be available by clicking the collapsible menu.
  • Bulk edit AdSet end dates is not working
  • Currency Appears as INR & USD
  • Facebook Spend Cap does not get removed when edited on AdParlor
  • Mobile News Feed Ad Set automatically gets assigned Audience Network
  • Negative stats within AR`
  • Bulk Actions -> Change End Date deos not work on Facebook or Twitter
  • Refreshing with multiple tabs displays data for the wrong campaign
  • Interest Libraries do not load
  • Flight dates displayed incorrectly as the day before when the time is 12:00 am
  • Performance improvements when sorting by flight dates
  • ACT dropdown to only display active and paused campaigns
  • Miscellaneous ACT bugs within targeting and post selection screens


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