Actionable Reporting

Our powerful set of reporting tools enables you to understand who your ideal audience is and how to reach them effectively. These are some of our favourite features.

1. Editing Ad Sets in Single or Bulk Mode

How: Run your reports, then use your findings to perform optimization actions instantly inline or in bulk from the same screen. 

Why you should care: Save time, effort, and reduce user error.


2. Shared Reports

How: Download multiple reports to Excel or CSV files, or generate a sharing URL that lets another user view your active tab from their own browser (so you can effortlessly ensure apples-to-apples comparison).

Why you should care: Collaboration between teammates has never been easier; provides option to grant complete transparency for clients (with use of read-only logins) to help build and maintain trust. 

URL Sharing

Downloaded Reports

3. Saved Reports

How: Build your report how you want it, then save the complete configuration (group by, metrics, filters, date range, and status filter) to the system. Additionally, your teammates can see and use your reports (they cannot modify your settings; however, they can duplicate and edit), for enhanced collaboration. 

Why you should care: Save time by setting up your own personalized reporting templates once, then re-using these as you wish; they can be modified and edited as required. 

3B. Custom Default Reports

We understand it can be time consuming to come in to the platform and constantly edit the reporting format to suit your data needs.

Users can create a default report view two ways:

From AR:

  1. Open the report you want in AR
  2. Click on Save
  3. Give your report a name

Click on “Save as Default Report” checkbox

From Report Builder:

  1. Go to Saved and Scheduled Reports
  2. Click on settings icon for the desired report
  3. Hit “Set as default report”

4. Scheduled Reports

How: Schedule one or many reports to be automatically emailed on an ad hoc or recurring basis (daily, weekly, or monthly).

Why you should care: Never forget to check on a Campaign - receive information that you care about directly to your inbox in the way that makes sense to you, at the frequency that you want. 

5. Pivot Reports

How: Group your Ads together by any number of attributes (e.g. gender, country, post image) to easily compare performance between parameters of interest at an aggregate or granular level.

Why you should care: Get deeper insights, faster, across as many Campaigns or Ads as you want. 




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