How do I share my reports? Can I email my reports?

Click on the Share Reports icon in your active tab.

From here you can choose to share your report one of three ways:

  • Shared URL - to collaborate with your teammates
  • Download - to CSV or Excel File
  • Email - send ad hoc or scheduled reports

Shared URL

Shared URLs are designed to enable and encourage effortless collaboration between you and your teammates. The URL stores all your reporting settings for that particular active tab (group bys, metrics, and filters) so that the recipient of the URL can see exactly what you are looking at.

Note: Only AdParlor users with access to the Advertiser in context will be able to access that view.


Download to CSV or Excel File

Download one or multiple saved reports to .csv or .xls files to your local machine. Choose between displaying all reports in a single Excel sheet, or divided into multiple sheets.

Note: To download a collection of reports at the same time, you will need to save your reports first.


Email (Adhoc or Scheduled)

Send your reports via email either on an adhoc or recurring basis; send these directly to your client, or to yourself first to review. All reports must be saved prior to emailing. 

To configure:

  1. Choose to email your reports once, or on a recurring basis.
  2. Select your cadence (once, daily, weekly, monthly) and choose your start date and time.
  3. Optionally select to email additional reports and specify the file format.
  4. Choose the recipients of your emailed reports; use the search function to select AdParlor users or enter email addresses directly.

To send:

Once you have configured your email settings, you can either:

  • Send yourself a preview by clicking Send Preview - this will send the report to the email address associated with your AdParlor user account.
  • Click Schedule to save your settings. Your reports will be emailed as per your specifications.

To view, or modify:

To view your scheduled reporting settings, navigate to the Saved Reports section in the Report Builder (or use the folder icon shortcut):

To modify a scheduled report's settings, click either on the name or on the pencil icon for that report.


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