How do I save my report?

1. To save your report, click on the Save button in the actions header in the report tab.

2. Enter the name of your report and click save. 

3. When your report has been saved, a green notification will pop up in the top right hand corner of your screen.

4. You can view your saved reports from the Report Builder menu. Hover over your report name to view the reporting settings, click the pencil icon to edit your report, or click on the rubbish bin icon to delete it.

5. You can edit your saved report from two places. From the Report Builder, click on the pencil icon as shown above. From the Active Tab, click on the Edit button (below). Both methods will load your reporting settings into the Advanced Report screen, where you can modify your configurations as desired. 

6. On generation of your modified report, the * in the tab name indicates the report is in an unsaved state (i.e. has been modified from the last saved version). 


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