How do I get started with advertising on Instagram?

With its focus on beautiful, captivating imagery, Instagram provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to tell their stories and inspire users to engage, while leveraging the precision targeting enabled by Facebook's extensive user knowledge base. At this time, Instagram Ads are still in a limited beta to a subset of advertisers. This will be expanding over the coming months - stay tuned!

To get started with Instagram Ads, you will need the following:

  • Instagram Account (sign up here)
  • Facebook Ad Account (sign up here)
  • Business Manager Account (sign up here)

Once you have set up your Instagram account in Business Manager, you’ll have the ability to run Instagram campaigns through AdParlor for the following objectives: website clicks, mobile app installs, and video views. While the program is still in testing, you can launch as many campaigns as necessary and there are no budget limitations.

You can grant us access to your accounts and we can do the whole process on your behalf, or you can follow this step-by-step guide on adding an Instagram account to your Business Manager:

1. Log in to your Business Manager account

2. Navigate to Business Settings > Instagram Accounts 

3. a) Click Claim New Instagram Account (requires the Instagram account password)


Log in to your Instagram account 


3. b) Alternatively, if this is a client's Instagram account and they do not want to share the password, they can assign the account to you from their own Business Manager here:

They will need to enter the Business ID of your Business Manager, which is found in the URL here:

4. Select the Facebook Ad accounts you want to pair with the Instagram account, then click Save Changes 

You should be able to see all of the Instagram accounts you've added as well as any Facebook Ad accounts that are authorized to use the Instagram accounts. 

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Now is the time to expand your messaging on the hottest social platform in the most effective format: video (currently available via an API partner only). We at AdParlor pride ourselves as the global leaders in social video, with years of expertise across multiple social channels; click here to talk to a representative today!


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