Release Notes

  • Ability to add creative group name to the Ad Name
  • Ability to multi-copy Ad Names using push down button
  • Create Post: Previews are now available for all post types
  • URL, Call to Action and Publish Status information within post selection screen
  • Ability to multi-select tweets or posts using SHIFT key
  • Bulk Update Status using Bulk Actions Edit modals
  • Persist search within AR between report selections
  • Ad Creation - Unable to select user to Promote from the user dropdown
  • Ad Groups Importing/Uploading with the name as "Untitled"
  • Ad Creation - Custom Audiences and Lookalikes are not available for selection
  • Invalid interest target error returns ID instead of Name
  • Invalid error message when Actionable Reporting filters do not return any results
  • Newly created Image Library list does not appear until you refresh the page


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