Facebook Ad Set Day Parting (Ad Set Scheduling)

What is Ad Set Day Parting?

Day parting, also known as scheduling, refers to turning your Facebook Ad Sets on or off based on certain times of the day, or days of the week. 

Pausing and activating Ad Sets manually, or with AdParlor's Rules Engine, may negatively affect the delivery of your ads, as Facebook does not know when you want your ads running or not, and will assume that you'll want your ads on all of the time.  You may end up under-spending, and under-performing. 

How to Use Ad Set Day Parting

Using Ad Set day parting, Facebook and AdParlor will allow you to set a schedule for your Ad Sets (and ads within your Ad Sets) to turn on and off, and also to communicate to Facebook when you plan on having them paused, so that these status changes do not affect delivery. 

To use Ad Set Day Parting:

  1. When creating an Ad Set in AdParlor, on the Delivery Pacing option, select "Day Parting".    
  2. Click and drag your mouse over the days and times that you would like your ads to run. Green cells mean your ads will run during this time.

Protip: You can click the day or time row/column header to select an entire day or the same time across a whole week. 

Things To Note

  1. Day Parting works with Lifetime budgets only.
  2. Ads will be delivered in the time zone of the target audience and not in time zone of the ad account. However, reports are still in the ad account time zone. Therefore, results could be shown in different times or days than the delivery schedule, if the time zones of the target audience and ad account are different.  E.g. If you have an account in the PST timezone and set your Ad Sets to run on Saturday only and target users in Singapore, in reporting you may see delivery on Friday (account time zone), even though the ads were shown to users on Saturday in their time zone (Singapore users' timezone).
  3. Delivery schedule of the ads should not be manually controlled. This can negatively affect ad performance. Instead, rely on your day parting settings for optimal pacing.


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