How do I check my attribution window settings?

If you are seeing discrepancies in the data you are seeing in AdParlor vs. Facebook or Twitter directly, this is almost always due to differences in the attribution window settings. Read here for more information. 

There are two different attribution window settings in the AdParlor platform. 

1. Campaign-specific attribution windows that determine how your Primary Goal, CPA, and CVR metrics are calculated.

To view these, hover over the gear icon on the left hand column in the Actionable Reporting interface. Click on the gear icon to bring up the menu, and select 'Edit'. 

The attribution windows here are used to calculate your Primary Goal, CVR and CPA metrics.

2. Generic reporting attribution windows that are used to determine which metrics to show when pulling data from Facebook or Twitter directly. 

Click on the Edit button from the Actionable Reporting interface to load your active report settings. You can view and edit your attribution windows from the top section of the Report Summary panel on the right.

These attribution windows do not affect your Primary Goal, CPA or CVR metrics; rather, they are used to determine what data set to show when returned from Facebook or Twitter for actions such as Link Clicks, Mobile App Installs, or Offsite Pixel data. 


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