How do I create a Read-Only Login?

A read-only login allows the user to have access to all of the reporting functionalities of the system, without actually being able to edit any of the campaigns, ad sets/ad groups, or ads. This is a great way to still own the changes and performance of your campaigns, while empowering other stakeholders to pull reports and run analysis whenever they please. Click here for the full list of access permissions.

This is ideal for:

  • Agencies who wish to give their end client the ability to pull their own reports
  • Twitter or Facebook partners who wish to gain extra visibility into campaign performance
  • Advertisers who wish to give their design or management team access to pull their own reports to analyze performance

To create a Read Only login, when creating or editing a new user, ensure that “Grant read-only access” is selected. Optionally, you may choose the individual Publisher Platforms and Advertisers that the user has access to.

Reminder: to edit a user, you must be an Administrator of your Business, and then you can click on a user's profile tile and edit the information. 



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