How do I create Carousel App Ads?

What are Carousel App Ads?

Carousel app ads are similar to carousel link ads or multi-product link ads. They both support a main message and up to five images paired with links that the user can scroll through and engage with. These pairings are often referred to as 'cards' or 'scenes'. They differ in that carousel app ads use a call to action for each 'scene', and use deep links to direct users to specific places in the app following installation e.g. my_app_name://home_screen

For more info, check out the Facebook Developer's Guide to carousel ads.


Why should I use Carousel App Ads?

Facebook's delivery algorithm favours ads that are driving conversions, are engaging, and are relevant. Carousel app ads have an advantage over traditional mobile app install ads as they are a fresh commodity in the marketplace and are naturally engaging by design. In addition, they enable advertisers to:

  • Showcase more content in the same ad
  • Use sequential 'app scenes' to tell a compelling story
  • Optimise for not only individual creative assets (e.g. images) but combinations of them

These features mean that advertisers can get better results, for less. Check out what other advertisers have been doing with their carousel app ads!


How to create Carousel App Ads in the AdParlor Platform

Carousel app ads can be easily created in bulk in the AdParlor platform; this allows you to generate multiple unique variations of your creative aspects to ensure users are engaging with fresh content and enable you to perform a fair split test. Use our powerful reporting tools to analyse and optimise your spending.

1. Create, or select an existing mobile app install campaign on Facebook to upload into. On the 'Creative' step, click on 'New Post'.

2. Select the Post Type: "Carousel App" and fill in the necessary fields. 

Pro tip 1: Save time and effort by setting up your creative assets stored in the AdParlor Library.

Pro tip 2: Re-use assets from existing posts using the Advanced Import feature.

3. Note that you will need to provide a call to action and deeplink URL for each scene - read on for more on deeplinks.

4. Effortlessly create many variations at once; the system will automatically iterate over each creative asset value to generate unique carousel app posts for you. For example, if you select 3x messages and 3x carousel groups - the system will create 9x unique carousel posts. 

5. Use our powerful Actionable Reporting tool to easily compare performance between link ads and carousel app ads, and make inline modifications to your bids and budgets to optimise your advertising spend. 

6. Finally, use our Ad Intelligence Tags to label, classify, or categorize your ads however you want. This is a great way to keep track of what creative features you are using in your carousel app ads, as well as your grouping criteria.



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