Linking and Importing your Accounts

Getting started on the AdParlor platform has never been easier. Link your social media ad accounts and import your data to get started with the platform immediately. Choose what you want to import: existing Campaigns (including historical stats), posts, and tracking pixels.

Signing in with AdParlor

Use the link sent to you by your AdParlor Account Manager, (via Google Chrome) and enter your work email address into the "Username" field. You will be prompted to choose your own password for your AdParlor account login. 

Linking your Ad Accounts

1. Once logged in to the AdParlor platform, click on the 'Social Accounts tab' 
2. Click on 'Connect Account' to the right of the publisher you wish to link to AdParlor

Please note, if you have multiple advertisers, you will need set up the ad accounts for each advertiser. You can toggle between the advertisers by clicking on the advertiser logo in the top left corner of the page.


Importing your Data

Imported Campaign data is mapped to the Advertiser associated with your publisher Ad Account. 

1. Follow steps 1 & 2 above from "Linking your Ad Accounts"
2. Click the arrow to the left of the publisher you wish to import into AdParlor
3. Click 'Import'
4. Select what you would like to import and click 'Next'
5. Specify which campaigns you would like to import and the attribution window and click 'Next'
Note, attribution windows will default to 28-day click and 1-day view if nothing is specified
6. Select the page you want to import the assets for and click 'Next'
7. Select which time period you want to import post assets for and click 'Get Started'
Note, all-time stats will be imported for your Campaigns, but step 7 allows you to select a custom date range for the Posts you want to import. 



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