Facebook Retargeting with Mobile Custom Audiences & Conversion Lookalike Audiences

Advertisers now have the ability to create Mobile Custom Audiences and Conversion Lookalike Audiences in the AdParlor platform. They are both dynamically generated Audience types which allow you to more effectively retarget users that are known to you with less effort. 
Mobile Custom Audiences (MCAs)

MCAs allow you to target users who have performed specific actions within their app, who haven't performed specific actions, or both. Track custom events or select from 14 predefined events e.g.
These users can be further grouped by the timeframe of when they perform or don't perform such actions e.g. users who have completed a purchase event in the past 30 days.
You can also target a percentage of these users based on some criteria e.g. the top 25% of users by the amount of time spent using the app. You can choose to include any % range of users, depending on your unique set of data.  
Advertisers can also create Lookalike Audiences based on their MCAs to target new users similar to their existing user base.
For more information, please refer to the following:

Conversion Lookalike Audiences (LAL) 

Build Conversion LALs using users who converted in your previous/current Campaigns or Ad Sets. You can choose converting users from multiple Campaigns, individual Ad Sets across Campaigns, or both. You must have at least 100 unique users selected in order to create a Lookalike. 
It is strongly recommended to choose Campaigns or Ad Sets with similar Campaign objectives as this better streamlines the type of users selected. 
Configuring MCAs and Conversion Lookalikes with AdParlor
Navigate to Optimize > Audiences to view, manage and create all your Audiences. Audiences associated with your linked Facebook account are automatically imported into the system for your ease of management. 
To create a new MCA, click New Audience > Custom Audience at the top right and select App Activity as your data source. You can create multiple MCAs from this modal for the same app.
Define your MCA eligibility criteria - this can be a combination of any configured event, % of users or date range e.g. top 5% of users who Completed a Session in the last 7 days:
Conversion LALs
To create a new Conversion Lookalike Audience, click New Audience > Lookalike Audience at the top right and select Campaign/Ad Set Conversions as your data source.
Select your Facebook Ad Account, audience Country and select the desired Campaigns or Ad Sets. You must have at least 100 unique conversions in order to create a Conversion LAL Audience. Simply drag the Reach slider to choose your Audience size and the characteristic affinity of your new users to your existing converters. 
We strongly recommend that you select Campaigns or Ad Sets which share a similar conversion criteria (e.g. link clicks or tracking pixel x). 

Using MCAs and Conversion Lookalikes with AdParlor
These can simply be selected under the Audience section in the Targeting step of the creation workflow. 


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