How do I promote my app for both Android and iOS?

Question: Help! I tried to create a new Campaign which would promote our app on Google Play, but at the Ad creation step I cannot put the URL to the app's Google Play page, it only allows me to choose an app, and there is only one (iOS), what do I do?


Facebook allows app developers to set up links to the iTunes Store (for iOS devices), Google Play and the Amazon Appstore (for Android devices) for the same app. You should not need to set up multiple apps to target different devices if this has been done correctly.

This is configured on the Facebook side ( under My Apps > Settings for each individual app:

If this is done correctly you will only be choosing one app when you go through the ad creation process (but you have the option to target either iOS or Android):

If your app is available to promote on both the Apple Store and Google Play, you should be able to select either iOS or Android targeting. If you are only seeing one option (e.g. iOS only) then you should check your app settings as shown above.

On the generate Creatives step (i.e. making a new Post), it will autopopulate the URL field with the link to the appropriate store (i.e. If you are targeting iOS users, then it will use the iTunes Store link – if you are targeting Android users, then it will use the Google Play store link). These URL values are pulled directly from your app settings on Facebook to prevent possible user error and to save effort and time:

Currently you cannot target both users on Android and iOS devices with the same creative, you will need to create separate posts for iOS and Android. This is a Facebook restriction: you cannot do this on Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor either.

It actually makes sense to split up your targeting such that you will be able to collect information on which platform (iOS or Android) is performing better. Facebook best practices recommends that you create separate Ad Sets for each platform since targeting is done at the Ad Set level so you can easily report back on platform-specific performance and compare your results!


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