Why can't I see any of my Twitter campaigns?

Can't see your Twitter campaigns at all? Try changing the Status filter.

Campaign Status What You See
Delivering Active Campaigns that have at least one Ad Group that is active which contains Tweets that are also active
Not Delivering Campaigns where one or more of the Campaign, Ad Group or Tweet levels is paused
Active & Paused All Campaigns that are active or paused
Active All Campaigns that are active only
Paused All Campaigns that are paused only
Completed All Campaigns that have completed their flight dates (i.e. finished running)
Deleted All Campaigns that have been deleted
All All Campaigns, regardless of status

Click on the down arrow as shown below to toggle the Status filter. 

Can't see any data for your Twitter campaigns? Try changing the Date Range filter.

The "Actionable Reporting" feature lets you group together common features in your Campaign (e.g. gender targeting) and helps you quickly and effortlessly compare performance across these dimensions. To get you started, we've recommended some "Preset" reports such as Genders, Geographies, Audiences and Devices. You can modify the grouping settings, the columns shown (metrics), and apply a filter (e.g. only show me information for campaigns that have had impressions > 100 delivered) to your data.

Just click "Generate" to create a report! For example, clicking on the "Analyze Genders" Preset report immediately aggregates data for all your Ad Groups that were targeted at Males and Females, so you can quickly compare performance between genders regardless of the other targeting specifications:

you can then use the "Bulk Actions" functionality to immediately perform actions on all the Ad Groups that were targeted at Females, based on your learnings.

 For more, see our article on using the Twitter Creation Tool & Actionable Reporting.


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