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The upcoming structural changes to the latest Facebook Advertising API (due March 11th 2015) provides an opportunity to streamline the creation and management process. AdParlor has taken full advantage by releasing a new suite of tools designed to enable advertisers to effortlessly split test and optimize their Campaigns. 

The Facebook Hierarchy

The diagram below gives an overview of the basic changes to the Facebook advertising hierarchy. There are no changes to the Campaign levels, only to the Ad Set and Ad levels. The two major changes are the movement of the targeting and bid information (bid type, bid value) to the Ad Set level. 

Before: Too much flexibility allowed for advertisers to develop bad habits that lead to non-optimal results

The previous Facebook Campaign hierarchy saw the bid type, bid value, creative and targeting defined at the Ad level. This posed many challenges, since a single Ad Set within a Campaign could house not only many different creatives, but also different targeting groups and different bid models. This allowed for unfair split tests to be executed (leading to false positive/negative results) and made it difficult to manage these Ads or gain insights from poorly structured Campaigns.

Now: More structure encourages advertisers to follow best practices and ultimately drive better performance

Moving the targeting and bid information (bid type, bid value) to the Ad Set level means that advertisers can no longer target different groups of users or advertise for different apps within the same Ad Set. It also means that Ads are now just different creatives, with no targeting attached. This might appear to restrict flexibility initially but it actually greatly improves efficiency for the whole process: 

  • Well structured campaigns simplify the management process 
  • Well defined budget management for target groups 
  • Default bids can now be set for all Ads within Ad Sets
  • Fair testing of creatives separate to targeting
  • Provides the Facebook delivery algorithms with more structured, known data to drive more accurate deliveries and better ROI for you

The Transition Period

If you want to keep running your existing Campaigns:

  1. You cannot upload new Ads into old Ad Sets because the new Ads do not carry the targeting information required for delivery; Facebook will prevent you from doing this. You will need to create new Ad Sets for new Ad uploads. 
  2. If you want to keep running existing Ads without making any changes, your delivery should not be impacted by the structural changes

If you are creating new Campaigns:

  1. Targeting is set at the Ad Set level so you will need one Ad Set per targeting group. 
  2. Bid types and bid values are now set at the Ad Set level. These values are cascaded down to the Ads contained within the Ad Set, but you can opt to override the default values at the Ad level if you wish. Bear in mind that if modifications are made to the Ad Set level, these will in turn override the Ad level settings and you will need to re-apply your custom changes to the appropriate Ads.  

Build your Advertising Success with the AdParlor Tools

The new Facebook Campaign structure allows you to more effectively split or A/B test your target audience and the creatives used. Split testing is important because it enables you to understand the demographic characteristics of your high quality users and the creatives they respond to, so that you can refine your campaigns to get the best return on your advertising spend. However, the process of proper split testing can be time consuming and cumbersome to create, analyze and optimize without the necessary tools. 

The new AdParlor toolkit allows for easier:

  • Automatic Ad Set creation using 1:1 mapping of targeting groups to Ad Sets
  • Even faster creation process with reusable targeting and creative groups
  • Enables tag-team approach to process for trafficking teams
  • Real-time Ad upload feedback 
  • All-in one reporting and management functionality with advertiser objective tailored Presets

Easily create unique targeting groups

The split test for targeting is done at the Ad Set level. Many different targeting groups should be created as combinations of particular aspects, e.g. gender, geography. These are referred to as "segments". Bulk creating many segments can be quickly and easily achieved in the new AdParlor Creation Tool, which is designed to reduce manual, repetitive tasks and maximize your workflow efficiency. To illustrate:

  1. Save time by importing values for each targeting criterion from the AdParlor Libraries e.g. list of countries.
  2. Work smart; let the system automatically combine values from each criterion to create unique targeting groups (e.g. males from New Zealand with the selected interests)

These targeting groups can be saved and imported in future uploads to save you time and effort. It also enables you to divide up the work between your team members into targeting and creative responsibilities if required. 

Automatically create Ad Sets 

Once you've created your targeting groups, effortlessly create an Ad Set for each target group. Bulk apply budget, bidding and flight schedule settings and watch your Ad Sets get created in real time. 

Effortlessly generate multiple variations of your Post creatives

Use our bulk creatives tool to generate multiple unique variations of your creative aspects to perform a fair split test. The tool iterates over each creative parameter e.g. 4x images, 2x message text, 2x call to action buttons to generate 16 posts which are unique combinations of images, text etc. This makes it very easy to split test creative aspects (e.g. the image used) and easily generate many variants of posts to keep the material fresh for your users. 

Group your creatives together for easier management

Create and save groups of your creatives for re-use in other campaigns or for organizational purposes. For example, you can use this for separating bilingual posts - a group for posts with English copy, and a group for posts with French copy. This helps ensure you are always targeting the right people (French speaking) with the right posts (French copy). Another common example is to create groups of posts that have copy or images tailored for each broad targeting group (e.g. USA, Canada, UK). 

Upload your Ads to multiple Ad Sets quickly and easily

Perform a multi-Ad Set upload to launch your entire campaign in a single workflow. Simply pick the Ad Set(s) you want to upload to and pair with the creative groups you want to upload into those Ad Set(s). Repeat this process until you have queued all your uploads. Hit 'Create' and you’ve quickly launched a variety of powerful split targeting tests matched with the most appropriate creatives.


Analyze Campaign Performance and Optimize

The AdParlor all-in-one reporting and management tool, aptly named "Actionable Reporting", makes optimization easy. 

Analyze your data

Choose from predefined reporting templates to effortlessly compare performance between targeting or creative differentiators (e.g. post image or gender) across your Campaigns or Ad Sets or both. These 'Presets' are tailored depending on your overall advertising objective: 

  • Ecommerce & Direct Response Leads
  • App Installs & Engagement
  • Brand Awareness & Engagement

You can also choose your own grouping criteria, pick your metrics, and filter your results to generate a fully customized report that best suits your needs.

For example, by clicking 'Analyze Genders' I am able to easily analyze my data across all my Ad Sets to compare performance of males vs. females. This allows me to quickly and effortlessly gain insights to the trends that may be driving my results.

Whether I am looking at a custom or preset report, I can now generate a user friendly URL snippet so I can share this same view with clients, colleagues and any other users of the platform. These are referred to as 'Shared Actionable Reports'.

Optimize your campaigns

Using your findings, you can leverage the bulk actions functionality to perform actions across one, some, or all of your Campaigns/Ad Sets/Ads. This saves not only time and effort, but reduces the likelihood of user error when implementing modifications to optimize campaign spend. 

Examples of common modifications for optimization include:

  • Pausing poorly performing Ads
  • Increasing bids for all Ad Sets that are getting low delivery
  • Increasing budgets for all Ad Sets that are generating good results 

The actions available are specific to each level (Campaign/Ad Set/Ad) and can be applied to as many of each entity as you wish. 

Using the example from above, I can select the row that corresponds to female-targeted Ad Sets and click on 'Bulk Actions' to immediately modify all those Ad Sets. In this case I am choosing to reduce the Ad Set budgets as I am getting a higher CPC than desired. I can make a counter-change by increasing the budget for the male-targeted Ad Sets so that my overall campaign budget stays the same but I am allocating more budget to my better performing Ad Sets. This allows me to get a better 'bang for my buck'. 


To quickly summarize

AdParlor’s revamped Facebook capabilities provide many benefits to advertisers:

  • Time savings with re-usable targeting and creative groups
  • Split testing your targeting with a simple click
  • Bulk generation of creatives
  • Advanced budget management 
  • Sophisticated Actionable Reporting now with Presets

To make the most of these features and take your A/B testing and Campaign optimization to the next level, simply sign up for a free 14-day trial with AdParlor. Get started in seconds with our intuitive user interface and simple how-to guides. Want to know more? Contact our support team at [email protected].

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