How do I integrate AdParlor with my MMP?

Easily track your installs, in-app events and revenue data by integrating your MMP with AdParlor. MMP Integration is managed under the Measure > MMP Integration menu on the left navigation. To get started:

  1. Check that your MMP is officially supported by Facebook 
  2. Create the Actions you want to track in your app (e.g. Install, registration, purchase etc)
  3. Compile a list or table of the Action IDs, Actions and Partner Id and send it to the MMP representative
  4. The MMP representative will input those values into their system and automatically send the data back to AdParlor
  5. Check with your MMP about naming convention. Some require you to include “AdParlor" in the name for every Campaign or Ad Set that you create so they know which Campaigns and Ad Sets to send data for

We sync data with Facebook every 15 minutes so this is the frequency you should expect for updates. The only things that AdParlor has no control over are:

  1. If you have correctly integrated your MMP to support postbacks 
  2. Any delays in the MMP sending their data to Facebook, which we then query (unless you have specified with your MMP that you want to bypass Facebook and send the data directly to a PMD like AdParlor)


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