Release Notes

  • Ability to create Custom Audience based on App Activity
  • Create Campaign/Ad Set Conversion Lookalike Audiences
  • Automatically select "Install Mobile App" CTA for MAI posts
  • Campaign Import progress and completion is now shown in notifications area
  • Import historical data for campaigns not ran in our platform
  • Import Post assets and re-use them during post creation
  • Ability to modify primary goal when importing campaigns
  • Ability to choose Attribution - "Impression Time"/"Conversion Time" for segmentation reporting
  • Notify non-chrome users to use Chrome instead
  • Improve Custom, Lookalike and Tailored Audience create user flows
  • Lookalike audiences can now be created based on the number of people reached rather than a percentage
  • The platfom will now automatically determine the hashing used in audience file uploads
  • Saving report modifications
  • Create multiple tags when updating existing tag using comma separator
  • Gender display issue when using existing targeting groups
  • No longer show duplicate column headers in AR
  • Ads set to active/paused based on the status set during ad creation
  • Campaign End Date & Lifetime Budget information synced with Facebook


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