Can I integrate AdParlor's reporting into my own reporting platform?

If you are using a third party reporting tool to manage your data analysis across publishers e.g. Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter etc, the AdParlor platform has a simple Reporting API feature that lets you pull data from our system directly into yours, in the format that you want. This means you do not have to export your reporting data to a csv and then import it manually into your reporting system - saving not only time and effort, but ensuring accuracy.

To use the Reporting API, first configure the report in the way you want to present your data (pick your groupings, select your metrics and apply any filters you want) in the Analyze > Data Reports screen:

Once you have defined the data structure you want, click on the drop down arrow next to Generate and select Generate API Call:

The API call will return a JSON message containing the requested information (as defined by the Query Parameters) from the AdParlor system. This includes header information that specifies data labels, datatypes, and the number of records returned.

Custom configuration will be required in your reporting system to enable authentication with AdParlor and to properly ingest the data returned from AdParlor - please contact us for more info. 


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