Tailored Audiences

A Twitter Tailored Audience allows an advertiser to target prospective or existing customers on Twitter through their e-mail address, mobile ID, or Twitter @handle. Using this feature, an advertiser can send a relevant message or offer to Twitter users that have previously expressed an interest in the advertiser through actions such as website visits or online purchases. AdParlor has CRM (email, mobile ID), and @handle Tailored Audiences, but does not have web TAs for cookie based retargeting. 

  1. Navigate to Optimize > Audiences 
  2. Click "+New Audience" on the top right 
  3. Select Tailored Audience from the list 
  4. Fill in the required information 
  • Audience name: the name of the Tailored Audience  
  • TA type: Individual Tailored Audience or Global Exclusion List. Only select Global Exclusion if you wish to exclude the users in the TA across all TA targeting at the @handle level. 
  • Data input type: select one of email addresses, mobile IDs, or @handles 
  • File: drag and drop or browse and select the file with the user identifiers

AdParlor will hash all of the data before it is sent to Twitter to find matches. The identifiers in the source file must be unhashed.


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