How do I make edits to my Campaigns/Ad Sets/Ad Groups/Ads?

On our Campaign management screens for both Facebook and Twitter, there are two different ways to perform edits to your Campaign/Ad Set/Ad Group/Ad entities: 

  • Single Edits to Individual Entities
  • Bulk Edits to Multiple Entities

Just like on the native Facebook tools such as Ads Manager and Power Editor, we also allow single edits to be made to individual entities. However, we also offer the ability for you to make bulk edits to multiple entities in the interest of saving you time and effort. So when should you use each option?

First, let's revise the Facebook and Twitter advertising structures:

For Facebook, the most important points to remember are:

  • Campaign objectives are set at the Campaign level 
  • Default bids and budgets are set at the Ad Set level 
  • Bids are also set at the Ad level for granular control of individual creative performance

For Twitter, the most important points to remember are:

  • Campaign objectives and daily budgets are set at the Campaign level 
  • Bids are set at the Ad Group level  

1. When your Actionable Reporting view is set such that you are looking at either:

  • Facebook Campaigns
  • Facebook Ad Sets
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Campaigns
  • Twitter Ad Groups

In this case your entities are grouped by their respective IDs, e.g. Campaign ID, so that each row represents a single entity. This means you can use either the single edit or bulk edit functionality. 

Single Edits

To perform an edit to an individual entity, simply hover over the gear icon to the left as shown and click to edit that particular entity:

This brings up the Single Edit Modal which allows you to modify information specific to that Campaign e.g. Name, Primary Goal etc.

Bulk (Multiple) Edits

To perform edits to multiple entities, simply select all the rows you want to modify (Pro tip: hold down the shift key when making your selection to highlight all rows in between your clicks) and click on the Bulk Actions button on the top bar:

This brings up the Bulk Edit Modal which allows you to modify features that can be shared by multiple entities:

Whether you're making bulk edits or single edits, the actions you can perform will vary depending on what is configured on the level (e.g. Campaign vs Ad Set) that you are modifying.


2. When your Actionable Reporting view is set to view custom groupings e.g. Analyze Genders: 

This is when you are looking at:

  • Ad Sets / Ad Groups that are grouped together by some common targeting feature e.g. gender 
  • Ads that are grouped together by some common creative feature e.g. post image

Or anything else you can select from the "Group Your Ads" tab. In this case each row can represent more than one entity, so you can only use the Bulk Actions feature.

For example, I've grouped together all my Twitter Ad Groups within my Campaign "Tweet Engagements" by the gender they were targeted at:

I can see that the female targeted Ad Groups are not performing as well as the male targeted Ad Groups; in this case I want to reduce the budget for all female targeted Ad Groups. I can make an adjustment to all of these Ad Groups simply by using the Bulk Actions function:

Note that the nature of these 'grouped by' reports prevents the user from being able to use the single edit functionality. 


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