Facebook Ad Photoshop Templates

When our Creative Services team starts a job the first thing they do is pop open one of our pre-sized social ad templates. It may seem simple, but it’s a crucial step to insure the images are the correct size, ratio, and are optimized for each platform.

As a gift to all our fellow Graphic Designers and Marketers we are making these templates available for download free on our site. Download the entire set or find them individually below.

Important note on Facebook 20% Text Rule

Images that have more than 20% text coverage on them won't be approved to run on Facebook. The thinking behind this is too much text can look like spam and will lower the user experience on Facebook.

Facebook measures this by dividing the image into 25 equal quadrants. If there is text in more than 5 of the quadrants (20%) it will be disapproved because it’s over the text limit.

To make measuring this easy we have included guides in our Facebook templates to show the quadrants. Simply, make sure there is only text in 5 or less quadrants.

Ad Sizes

Ad Type Width Height Download .PSD Template View in Social Ad Mockup Generator
Photo 1200px 900px Download Now View
Link 1200px 628px Download Now View
Multi-Product 600px 600px Download Now View
Offer 1200px 628px Download Now View
Page Like 1200px 444px Download Now View
Event 1200px 444px Download Now View
Mobile App 1200px 628px Download Now View
Desktop App 1200px 628px Download Now View




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