Facebook Bidding Unraveled: A/B testing with AdParlor to find the best bid type for you

If you're deciding between bid types (e.g. CPC and oCPM optimized for an offsite action), you can easily set up an A/B test using the multi-Ad Set uploader in AdParlor. Simply create your desired Targeting Groups then generate two Ad Sets for each, picking a different bid model for each e.g.

Note: Make sure you choose an appropriate bid amount to ensure your ads get delivered.

Then simply upload the same Creative Groups (i.e. your posts) to the Ad Set pairs and let your campaigns run for enough time to collect significant data. Make sure you spend an equal amount on each Ad Set to ensure that you can perform a fair comparison (e.g. comparing apples with apples). If one Ad Set spends more than the other, it is not a fair test. The easiest way to do this is to to set the budget for both Ad Sets, then let them run until the budget is completely fulfilled.

Once you have enough data, report by bid type:

Identify the best performing bid type by your performance metric (e.g. CPA), then perform the desired bulk action (for example, pausing all Ads which use the CPC bid model since they are giving me a poorer CPA).

How much do I bid?

Great, you've decided on a bid type! How much should you be bidding? Read on...


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