Using Ad Intelligence Tags to Gain Deeper Insights to your Data

What are Ad Intelligence Tags?

These are simply tags that you can apply freely to your ads, creative groups, and targeting groups, just like the tags you use when you write a blog post or an article. We call these “Intel Tags” — attributes that are stored as metadata that help you categorize your data and uncover business intelligence insights.

Why should I use Ad Intelligence Tags?

The AdParlor Intel Tags allows you to classify your ads based on custom aspects and then analyze your results accordingly. A simple example to illustrate:

Let's say you have 20 ads which use 20 different images: 10 of these images feature the colour red prominently, and 10 of these are mostly blue. You can use our Intel Tags to simply tag all your ads that use red-based images with 'red' and all blue-based images with 'blue'. When analyzing your results, simply filter your ads by their tags and you can immediately derive a direct comparison between the performance of ads with red vs. blue images. With our powerful all-in-one reporting and management tool, you can then instantly perform bulk actions on all ads that carry the tag of interest.

In contrast, to perform the same analysis without Intel Tags, you would have to manually combine the images (by viewing each Post's Image) into red and blue categories to analyze the data.

For a more in-depth case study, see our blog post How Social Ad Campaigns are Driving Business Insights.


How do I use Ad Intelligence Tags?

To set up your Intel Tags, navigate to Optimize > Ad Intelligence. 

Intel Tags are easiest to apply after you have already created your Ads from the Actionable Reporting screen. We recommend grouping your Ads by the Post Image, then using our Bulk Actions feature to add Tags to all Ads that feature those images:

You can also view what Ads are currently associated with each tag from the Optimize > Ad Intelligence screen

Or from the Actionable Reporting screen:

Once you've grouped out your ads based on their Intel Tags and compared performance between tagged groups, you can easily perform Bulk Actions on all ads which carry the tag of interest (e.g. modify the bid amount, pause the ads).


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