Release Notes

  • Users can now get added peace of mind for their Pinterest campaigns with 3rd Party Tracking
  • With the new Premium Snap Ads placements, advertisers can choose to only place ads in publisher stories for brand safety
  • Added two new targeting options for Snapchat campaigns (US advertisers only)
  • Users can now add 3rd party Impression and Click tags in a text field in Facebook ACT
  • Fixed a display problem that was causing inconsistent spacing between various targeting sections in Facebook ACT
  • Solved an issue where users received a report with unfiltered sub-entities in AR when they attempted to drill down a specific entitity by Intel Tags
  • Fixed a display issue in the Activity Feed which was showing an empty date range instead of the default date range (Today)
  • Fixed an issue where multiple interests with the same name were preventing users from correctly assigning them to Facebook ad sets.
  • Fixed a bug where users received confirmation of a Twitter campaign being imported into 1812 when the ad groups and ads were still being imported
  • Fixed an issue in Facebook ACT when a user couldn't generate the intended number of ad permutations if they didn't select a CTA
  • Fixed a bug when a user couldn't retrieve a Facebook product set if a product in the product set failed to load in ACT or Product Set page


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