This feature lets you save lists of targeting, creative assets and complete targeting personas that you can re-use across your campaigns and Ad Accounts. This is a huge time-saving factor when you are running multiple campaigns or if you have complex targeting (such as using Interests or Geo-location lists).

Use Case
With advertisers sometimes running hundreds of campaigns concurrently, it can be difficult to extrapolate the data to see what targeting worked best to attract a specific audience. With each campaign launched, targeting and creative ideas need to be built upon past successes.  This can take a long time to research.

To minimize the time required to build campaigns at scale - advertisers have the need to easily apply and organize repeatedly-used audiences and creative components.  

Targeting Lists - Save lists on individual targeting parameters
Targeting Personas – Save complete ad sets/ad groups.
List Management – Can easily create, edit, rename, duplicate and delete lists
Share Libraries – Libraries can be shared amongst team members as well as advertisers



How to create

1. Go to the Ad Creation Tool by either clicking on the social publisher buttons on the navigation bar OR clicking on the ‘Create Campaign’ button in the Actionable Reporting (AR) screen.


2. Either select a pre-existing campaign or create a new one.

3.  Specify your 'Target Audience' by entering in values for ad placement, geo-location, demographics, interests, etc.  

Note: Once multiple values (at least two) have been set for a targeting parameter you will notice there is a ‘save’ text link that appears above the targeting field on the right side.

5. Click on ‘save’ and name the list
Note: the list will saved into the library

Note: In addition to creating Targeting Lists, you can also create Creative Lists at the ‘Ad Creatives’ step using the same process when entering details of an Ad.

How to view, delete, rename or copy to another campaign

1. On the Navigation Pane to the left of the screen select ‘Library’

2. Select the ‘Saved Lists’ text link
Note: The Saved Lists are broken out by social publisher and further refined by Targeting Lists and Creative Lists.

3 . Select the Saved List you are looking to edit, delete or copy to another Advertiser


How to import Saved Lists

1. Libraries lists can be utilized anywhere you see the Import button during the upload process for both Targeting and Creative:




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