Release Notes

  • Added the ability for users to push Pinterest campaigns live the same day they create it
  • Fixed a bug where a user with no access to any businesses could see metrics (but not names) for other advertisers
  • Fixed an error where users couldn't exclude T0P zip code from their Alberta targeting in Facebook ACT
  • Fixed a display error on Facebook AR where status updates on Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads were not being updated
  • Fixed an error in Pinterest AR which was preventing users from copying Ad Groups to another campaign in bulk
  • Fixed an error in Facebook AR where users couldn't delete campaigns in bulk or single edit mode
  • Fixed an error which was causing users to share their custom default report for a specific advertiser instead of the intended report
  • Fixed an error where users couldn't see any IPL teams to choose from in the Rules screen
  • Fixed an error in Facebook AR which was allowing users to set ad set flight dates in the past


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