Release Notes

  • Metrics labels in AR now match metric labels in the Facebook native interfaces. Read more 
  • Fixed an error in Twitter ACT which now prevents users from attempting to create ad groups with duplicate keywords
  • Fixed an error in Facebook ACT where users couldn't import carousel or album posts
  • Fixed an error in Facebook ACT where users couldn't successfully change ad set status in bulk edit slide outs
  • Fixed a display error in Pinterest where Billing Group field won't update when a user change the Account in the Create Campaign screen
  • Fixed an error in Facebook ACT which now prompts users to finish adding the required entries
  • Fixed an error in DBM that was preventing users from successfully importing all campaigns
  • Fixed an error in Summary Board where users couldn't successfully filter results by a specific advertiser in a business
  • Fixed an error for Intel Tags where users couldn't see automatic tags in AR and the Intel Tags Ads screen


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