NEW! Metric labels in Facebook AR now match Facebook's native UI

We have updated the metric labels in Facebook AR to match Facebook’s native interface

Why is this important? This will help clear up any confusion and discrepancies between metrics in 1812 and Facebook, allowing you to easily search for the metrics you want.

Updated metrics to highlight: 

  • Conversion revenue metrics are renamed as well. For example Fb Pixel Purchase Revenue has been renamed as Website Purchase Revenue
  • Custom website conversion metrics were previously displayed with the Pixel IDs. Metrics for custom conversions will now reflect the name of the custom conversion.

Below is the list of all of the updated metrics: 

Old Label New Label
app custom event Mobile App Actions(All)
fb mobile achievement unlocked Mobile App Achievements Unlocked
fb mobile activate app Mobile App Sessions
fb mobile add payment info Mobile App Payment Info Adds
fb mobile add to cart Mobile App Adds To Basket
fb mobile add to wishlist Mobile App Adds to Wishlist
fb mobile complete registration Mobile App Registrations Completed
fb mobile content view Mobile App Content Views
fb mobile initiated checkout Mobile App Checkouts Initiated
fb mobile level achieved Mobile App Levels Completed
fb mobile purchase Mobile App Purchases
fb mobile rate Mobile App Ratings Submitted
fb mobile search Mobile App Searches
fb mobile spent credits Mobile App Credits Spent
fb mobile tutorial completion Mobile App Tutorials Completed
other Other Mobile App Actions
app engagement App Engagements
app install App Installs
app use Desktop App Uses
checkin Check-ins
Clicks  Clicks (all)
comment Post Comment
credit spent  Credit Spends
CTR CTR (all)
Est. Ad Recall Rate Estimated Ad Recall Lift (people)
Est. Ad Recallers Estimated Ad Recall Lift Rate
games.plays  Games Plays
Inline link clicks  Link Clicks (1 day click)
Inline post engagement  Post Engagement (1 day click)
leadgen.other  Leads (Form) 
like Page Likes
link click Link Clicks
mention Mentions
mobile app install Mobile App Installs
offline conversion Offline Conversions (all)
offline conversion.lead Offline Website Leads
offline conversion.purchase Offline Purchases
offsite conversion Website Conversions (All)
add to cart Website Adds to Cart (Old)
checkout Website Checkouts (Old)
fb pixel add payment info Website Payment Info Adds
fb pixel add to cart Website Adds to Basket
fb pixel add to wishlist Website Adds to Wishlist
fb pixel complete registration Website Registrations Completed
fb pixel initiate checkout Website Checkouts Initiated
fb pixel lead Website Leads
fb pixel purchase Website Purchases
fb pixel search Website Searches
fb pixel view content Website Content Views
key page view Website Key Page Views (Old)
lead Website Leads (Old)
other Website Custom (Old)
registration Website Registrations (Old)
messaging block Blocked Message Conversations
messaging first reply New Messaging Conversations
messaging reply Messaging Replies
page engagement Page Engagement
photo view Photo Views
post Share
post engagement Post Engagement
post like Post Likes
post reaction Post Reactions
receive offer Offer Claims
rsvp  Event Responses
Social Clicks Social Clicks (all)
Social CTR  Social CTR (all)
Social Impressions Social Impressions
Social Unique CTR Unique Social CTR (all)
Unique Clicks Unique Clicks (all)
Unique Social Clicks Unique Social Clicks (all)
video play Video Plays
video view Video Views
video view  10 seconds watched 10 Seconds Video Views
video view  15 seconds watched 15 Seconds Video Views
video view  30 seconds watched 30 Seconds Video Views
video view  video avg pct watched Video Avg Percent Watched
video view  video avg sec watched Video Avg Seconds Watched
video view  video complete watched Video Complete Watched
video view to 100 percent Video Watches at 100%
video view to 25 percent Video Watches at 25%
video view to 50 percent Video Watches at 50%
video view to 75 percent Video Watches at 75%
video view to 95 percent Video Watches at 95%


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