Release Notes

  • Users can now view Snapchat metrics on Summary Board across multiple advertisers (available May 25)
  • Metrics labels in AR now match metric labels in the Facebook native interface
  • Users can now immediately use custom metrics recently created in AR (wait time reduced from 1 hour to 2 minutes!)
  • Fixed an error in dashboard where users weren't being directed to AR for a DBM campaign they selected in the Dashboard
  • Fixed a front-end error in Facebook ACT that was preventing users from uploading images to the Library
  • Fixed a reporting error where data in downloaded and scheduled Excel reports using data range "Last n Days" and "Last n Full Days" wasn't matching data in 1812
  • Fixed a reporting error in AR where downloadable Excel reports displayed additional unnecessary columns with blank fields when users grouped data a certain way in AR
  • In Pinterest AR, Repins are now labeled Saves


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