Creating an Organization and an Account with Snapchat

To being advertising with Snapchat through an Ads API partner, you have to create a business and an ad account with Snapchat first.


Step 1:

Go to: and fill in the required details. Please note that if you do not see a country that matches your business location, you will not be able to create a business with Snapchat.


Step 2:

Upon successful creation of a business, Snapchat will be in touch with next steps. If everything is approved, you'll be able to access your business manager here:

Please note: Once you get the invite from Snapchat to join business manager, you will need to login using your Snapchat user credentials. If you don't have a snapchat user account, you will need to download snapchat to your smartphone and create a user account.


Step 3:

Inside of Snapchat's business manager, you can invite member to the business manager account and you can create new ad accounts. For step-by-step instructions, please visit:


Step 4:

When requesting an Ad account, if the band is not part of your business manager, you can request it here:



Please note: When inviting member, you fill in their name and email address in business manager. However, to access business manager, they will need to log in using their Snapchat account. In the case that they do not have a snapchat account, they will have to download snapchat to their phone and create an account.





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